Evidence-Based with Doublebase

“Adherence to an emollient regimen has the potential to reduce the need for more expensive treatments and associated GP consultations.” 1

The Doublebase range of emollients can help optimise emollient therapy by offering an evidence-based choice of effective emollients that are well tolerated and that patients like to use.

Proven efficacy

Doublebase Gel 

  • An original gel formulation specially formulated to have the emolliency of an ointment but with the cosmetic acceptability of a cream.
  • Very efficient at rehydrating dry skin and outperformed two other proprietary emollients.2  

Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel 

  • Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel achieved significantly longer lasting and cumulative skin hydration when compared with established comparator creams when used twice daily.3, 4

Patient acceptability

Doublebase Gel 

  • Well tolerated by patients and has over 15 years of trusted use. 
  • In a blinded study, children who were empowered/allowed to select their own emollient were most likely to select Doublebase Gel from a selection of 7 different emollients.5

Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel 

  • Overall product acceptability and patients’ willingness to use the emollient again were significantly greater for Doublebase DAYLEVE Gel compared with a marketed emollient cream.3

Patient education

  • Dermal offers an extensive educational support programme to help Healthcare Professionals empower patients in the management of their skin conditions.

For example, EmolliZoo is a non-promotional child friendly mobile app, developed by Dermal, to help educate children about their emollients.


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